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Media Elements

From the Insert [1] ribbon you can add Gallery [2], Video [3] and Sound [4], these are the media elements. With these elements you can share your photos, videos and music in your website.
You can add a Gallery in your website from the menu "Insert". A gallery can hold your picture and make it easier to be browsed by your visitors.
Gallery design
  • Gallery tool bar has the following options:

Images - Add images to your gallery.

Design - Here you can change the design of your gallery.

Colors - Change the colors of the text and frames in the design of the gallery.

People - You can add email addresses of members who are allowed to add pictures to your gallery.

Animation - Can add animation to your gallery.

Effects - You can add transparency, drop shadow or make your gallery hold it's position if you scroll down or up.
gallery tool bar
You can only insert an external video, from Vimeo or YouTube by inserting the link to the desired video.
  • The Video element have the following options:

Autoplay - You can check the Autoplay box if you want your video to start automatically.

Loop - Check the Loop box if you want your video to play in a loop

Hide Controller - Check the box Hide Controller if you want only the video to be displayed without the controller menu.

Animation - Can add animation to your video.

Effects - You can add transparency, drop shadow or make your video hold it's position if you scroll down or up.
video tool
You can add music from your computer with our Sound option.

  • The Sound element has the following options:

Design - Change the design of the music player.

Sound Settings - Choose if you want autoplay or loop, and can set the volume.

Animation - Can add animation to your sound.

Effects - You can add transparency, drop shadow or make your sound hold it's position if you scroll down or                    up.
sound tool barMedia elements
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